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Client Spotlight: Healthy Sleep Center

At WRL, we work with clients to develop a concept with a focused message, choosing the right words and tone that demands attention and resonates with their audiences.

Our agency often pairs the creation of promotional videos with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help expand our clients’ brand and customer awareness. WRL offers a wide variety of cutting-edge animation and video capabilities delivered by our award-winning experts. From video and 3D animation and modeling to motion graphics solutions, we help explain complicated processes using easy to understand graphics and text.

The Healthy Sleep Center is a medical equipment manufacturer that aims to help their patients find a better solution to sleep apnea, a sleeping condition in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. The Healthy Sleep Center suggests using an Oral Sleep Appliance over the traditional solution of a Continuous Positive Air Pressure or CPAP machine to help with mild to moderate sleep apnea. The custom mouthguard is portable, easy to clean and more comfortable, so patients tend toward greater compliance.

Recently, our team worked with the Healthy Sleep Center to create a video for the company to use across all its platforms.

WRL’s Jon Molnar, Cindy Boyd, James Hill and Jeremy Fish headed up this project with the Healthy Sleep Center. The first marketing deliverables WRL created were traditional media, which included postcards, billboards, and an advertorial. Our agency also helped refresh their website, which is where the idea for creating a video began.

Boyd worked on creating a video script that explained obstructive sleep apnea and shared the services provided by the Healthy Sleep Center, as well as how their clients could benefit from an oral appliance.

Molnar, Boyd, Hill and Fish visited the Healthy Sleep Center office to capture real-life shots of the patients, Sleep Concierge, technicians and staff to showcase the company’s dedication to their patient’s well being. Our video and motion graphics team also created a 3D-model using animation to further explain the features and benefits of the product. It was important to create this visual model to allow viewers to fully understand how the oral appliance works.   

The video isn’t just being used to enhance the Healthy Sleep Center’s website and social channels, our agency’s next step is to use the footage to help the client create video books for dentist and physician offices to increase patient referrals. The video books will provide both doctors and their patients with more information on sleep apnea, the oral appliance and the Healthy Sleep Center.


Check out our video here.

More information on Healthy Sleep Center:

Healthy Sleep Center Website



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