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Connecting Virtually with Customers During COVID-19

Almost a decade ago, long before COVID-19 and social distancing, WRL was working with our clients to create ways to virtually connect using 3D animation, video and web. We helped our client Dow Corning create a virtual trade show space (image above) to give their current and potential clients a venue to see their new solar products and solutions from anywhere in the world.

Times have changed and what was once a pioneering marketing idea has become our new normal as industry trade shows are turning virtual and businesses need to be creative to stay in touch with customers while maintaining distance for health and safety reasons.


Virtual Trade Shows

If you need marketing help with creating a virtual presence at an upcoming trade show, WRL can help, whether it’s getting a grasp on the technology required, event planning from afar, social media strategy for promotions, or creating presentations or digital materials. We can even help you create a gift box of branded giveaways to mail to conference-goers to maintain that show experience and help them think of you first.


Virtual Product Demonstrations

When you need to explain the inner workings of a massive piece of machinery or show a new product to investors when it’s still on the drafting table, WRL can help by using 3D animations and motion graphics. Showing equipment in a cleaner environment, creating a cutaway version of a large assembly, or showing minute details up close can go a long way in aiding understanding without the need to be there in person.


Virtual Meetings

Are you making the best use of your online meeting platform, or do you come across less professionally than you would like? Creating online presentations with a branded look and feel, with advice on appropriate background staging and proper lighting can help you create the best impression for your meeting or webinar.


Virtual Tours with Video and Photography

When your customers can’t visit in person, a virtual tour is the next best thing. Videos can share a business’s culture and environment in real-time and provides the opportunity for a customer to walk around and experience that location. WRL videographers and photographers can present your business and tell your story visually using video or a self-guided 360 virtual tour.


We are all in this together as we navigate these unprecedented times.



WRL’s creative team can Think.Create.Design. for your virtual communications needs, so navigate to our Contact Us page or click on the “Talk with Us Today” button today!

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