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Kenan Advantage Group is North America’s largest tank truck transporter and logistics provider. KAG saw opportunity to expand their Chemical and Food Grade business. WRL worked to develop a strategy to position the company’s Specialty Products Group as the Comprehensive Transportation and Logistics Solutions Provider. The goal was to expand KAG’s footprint in the Chemical Industry to expand brand exposure.

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WRL worked with trade publication, Chemical Week, to develop a targeted print and online advertising campaign throughout the year. We established relationships with the editorial staff to develop unique story ideas that were relevant to the industry and increased exposure that enhanced the KAG brand in the chemical industry.

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“KAG has historically been known as a fuels provider. Through various acquisitions, we created our Specialty Products Group serving the chemical industry. We recognized a lack of brand awareness in this division and the need to rebrand to help grow this segment of the business.”


“KAG partnered with WRL advertising to create brand awareness, align our internal sales teams with cross selling capabilities, re-position ourselves in the marketplace, and ultimately grow this segment of our business.”


“Through this partnership with WRL, we developed a marketing plan, launched a targeted ad campaign, redesigned our website, and created new print materials to arm our sales force with the tools necessary to approach the marketplace. With these tools, we will continue to focus on growing our business within the SPG division.”


— Nichole Verner, Director Sales and Marketing

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