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The Love, Andrew Autism Foundation is a nonprofit organization that encourages and educates on inclusion, acceptance and comfort for children with autism. Love, Andrew provides funding and support for the construction of sensory neutral environments in public schools, where children with autism and other sensory processing disorders can visit to de-escalate when feeling overwhelmed by their school environments. Love, Andrew is a young charity and required branding & tools to help create awareness and raise funds.

To help Love, Andrew achieve their goals, WRL initiated multiple projects, in the short term we began with a focused social media campaign to promote their upcoming fundraiser, followed closely by a visual identity redesign and creation of a new website.

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The social media campaign focused on attendance, and the message emphasized engaging people to attend and support the project. The strategy centered around influencer marketing with attention to large audiences.

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Love, Andrew has to date raised over $200K and built a new Star Room with significantly upgraded materials and technology. They were chosen as the best local charity by About Magazine in 2016.

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