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Mosser Glass, Inc. is a multi-generational family business located in Cambridge, Ohio and is dedicated to hand-pressed quality glass products. The company’s handcrafted glassware lines consist of Carnival, Vaseline and Opalescent, as well as hand-decorated pieces. Three generations of people involved in company operations have enabled new ideas that customers value and keep with tradition.

In 2014, WRL nominated Mosser Glass, Inc. for consideration in the 2014 Martha Stewart American Made Awards. Among the favorites for their timeless quality, design and focus on the glass working craft, Mosser was chosen as a Ceramics, Pottery and Glass nominee.

+ Create

WRL developed an online social media campaign to engage followers, customers and friends and led them to vote on in the Celebrate the Maker campaign. An online American Made badge was developed and placed on Mosser Glass, Inc.’s website, and the hashtags #AmericanMade and #CelebrateTheMaker were used to engage social media followers and generate online conversations.

Website visitors to were provided a direct link to vote through the online badge, and Facebook tactics supported the effort by showcasing various product photos and promotion of the voting link. An additional element of the campaign encouraged organic mentions on other various company and individual Facebook pages.

Additional public relations outreach incorporated traditional media as well as Twitter. News releases announcing the campaign, the online voting process and the campaign’s Twitter handle, @AmericanMadeMSL, were distributed to local media outlets. This initiative was designed to drive traffic to the Mosser Glass and Martha Stewart websites sites and boost votes.

+ Impact

Thousands of votes were cast, and out of 3,259 nominees, Mosser Glass, Inc. was among 10 companies to receive Honorable Mention in the Heritage category and was featured on The April 2014 issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine featured the company’s vintage jadeite, milk glass and Depression glass hand pressed bowls and cake stands.

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