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Follow Your “Cocoro” (Heart) with

By Norio Saneshige

Since I was a child, I’ve always loved creative activities such as drawing, building and designing – and I still do at WRL! My favorite activities as a kid involved building with Legos as well as building forts and hideouts. I had such a great time!

Most of us have almost forgot how fun and exciting these moments were, but as a father of two children, I’ve encountered many situations where I can see in their eyes that they are going through the same experiences I used to go through. That is why I created and more specifically, the Cocoro – Interlocking Playhouse System.

“Cocoro” means “Heart” in Japanese. As we all know, ‘home is where the heart is’. I believe that the Cocoro playhouse will be the home of fun, excitement, comfort, shelter, creativity or whatever children want it to be – it’s up to them to decide. Allow them to follow their hearts to experience this unique playhouse.

“It takes a village to raise a child.
It takes children to raise a village.”


The environment children live in nowadays is much more convenient and digitized. You can have the virtual experience any time on your digital devices and I love it too, however, I feel that they don’t have enough chances to be immersed in the real world with “hands-on” experiences.

Our mission is to inspire children to discover how fun and exciting it is to use their imagination to create their own worlds and values. I believe EVERY child has this limitless potential to be whatever they want to be to make a difference in our world, but it all starts from pure imagination!

It has been an amazing journey to work with local organizations, which together, inspire many children in northern Ohio to follow their “cocoros”.