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Google Analytics and the Big Picture

A businessman using a mobile phone to check stock market data.

Although I’ve come to advertising from the creative point of view, I’ve always had a strong need to understand the way the various advertising channels work in unison to create effective campaigns. By understanding how all of these pieces work together, it allows me to become a better project manager and strategist for our clients as well as a better communicator with the many specialists within WRL. I get a glimpse of their capabilities and thought processes and, along with all these pieces, I am able to see the big picture.

To be great at something like SEO and SEM, one has to work at it on a daily basis.  For that, we have specialists such as Brandon Livengood. He dedicates every day to maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the latest trends and online marketing tactics. Unfortunately, with my other pressing duties, I’m unable to dedicate the kind of effort necessary for that role. However, with a firm knowledge of Google Analytics’ processes, I can understand how the data is collected, filtered and tracked, and what the tactics are for setting up goals, funnels and conversions.

Adding to your knowledge base on a regular basis is important to remain engaged and energized in your career. This is crucial when you are in an industry like advertising that is constantly evolving at a staggering rate, and I expect this trend to continue or possibly accelerate now and into the future. After decades in this business, I’ve gained perspective and see those people who are swallowed by change, but I also see those who jump on board, excited to discover where they are headed. WRL is all hands-on-deck when it comes to continually advancing, and together, we can create the big picture for you.