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Congratulations to WRL’s Digital Communications Team

Olivia Huntley and Jessica Trambley Receive Promotions 


WRL is pleased to announce the following promotions of its digital communications team. Olivia Huntley, who previously served as communications team lead, was promoted to Director of Digital Communications. In addition, social media marketing and SEO intern, Jessica Trambley, was promoted to full-time Communications Specialist. The advancement of WRL’s communications team sets the stage for the future.  With the increasing demand for online marketing, digital advertising, and e-commerce services from our clients – the potential for growth and continuing expansion is on track.

Huntley joined WRL in 2015 as the Public Relations and Social Media Specialist. In this role, Huntley delivered public relations, brand strategy, marketing research and campaigns, corporate and internal communications services as well as strategic social media writing and advertising for a variety of platforms and mediums. After her excellent work and contributions to WRL’s business growth over the past five years, Huntley was promoted to Director of Digital Communications. In her new role, Huntley will further enhance the agency’s capabilities as they relate to social media marketing and advertising as a Facebook Marketing Partner, public and media relations, and overall digital content marketing. Huntley will also oversee and expand the communications department, building new programs to better serve our clients in areas such as recruitment, brand awareness, lead generation, web conversions, and more.

Huntley wasted no time before expanding her team, offering social media marketing and SEO intern, Jessica Trambley a full-time position as Communications Specialist.

“From day one, Jess hit the ground running,” said Huntley. “Her dedication, commitment and drive to deliver results has been outstanding and I am especially grateful to have her on our team. She has been an asset to this company since she joined WRL and I know she will continue to be one for years to come.”

In Trambley’s new role, she will continue to build upon her current responsibilities as they relate to social media, public relations and media buying, internal communications, strategic research and branding, crisis communications, digital marketing and SEO/SEM.

Olivia and Jess were asked a few questions about their time at WRL and their new promotions:

What is your favorite part about WRL?

O: My favorite part about WRL is the community and support we provide to one another. The collaborative environment really feeds our creativity and helps to deliver the best results to our clients. These people are more than just colleagues, they’re family.

J: My favorite part is definitely the team atmosphere and freedom to create. There is a common understanding that we are here to help each other, and you can feel it every day in the workplace.

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

O: I’m looking forward to growing this department tenfold. With the recent advancements in digital marketing and communications, I foresee that my team and I will have many new opportunities to share WRL’s beneficial digital capabilities. These opportunities support growth in our clients’ businesses and will help to develop our relationships into the future and beyond.

J: I’m looking forward to taking on more responsibility and continuing to learn about WRL and our clients. I’m eager to bring in clients and help Olivia expand our department.

What are some of your past projects you are most proud of?

O: I don’t think I can choose just one, I am proud of all the work we do at WRL. From inception to execution, I take pride in working together with our team here to deliver our clients an exceptional finished product. Every day at WRL allows me to be creative, learn new things, and grow as a professional.

J: From big to small, I am proud of it all! I’ve been fortunate enough to get my hands on a lot of different projects here at WRL and no matter what the task is, I’m just happy to be creating and contributing.

Who are the biggest clients/projects you are currently working with?

O: Each and every day, I get to work with a variety of clients from Fortune-500 companies to government organizations to local non-profits that work in industries that range from manufacturing to healthcare to retail. For example, we’re providing comprehensive marketing services – video production, scriptwriting, social media marketing and advertising, print pieces, Google AdWords, etc. – to corporate clients like Area Wide Protective (AWP). Additionally, I am working with The Timken Company on multiple recruitment campaigns via social media advertising.

J: One of the most interesting and enjoyable projects I am currently working on is for the Wayne Economic Development Council. The ongoing project includes interviewing WEDC council members and writing monthly member spotlight articles. I have truly enjoyed interviewing these business leaders and learning about the different industries and company cultures. 


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