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Online Security – Protect Your Web(site)

By Corey Culler

At WRL, we take information security seriously. Your data is valuable, so why not protect it? Many hosting providers are only reactive to security issues, but WRL proactively protects your data by actively researching security issues and developing fixes for them before they become a problem.

WRL offers several security packages – basic, integrated and advanced security plans – that can be tailored to client needs. All of our plans include keeping plugins/modules up to date, daily database and file backups, and guaranteed server security. The intermediate and advanced plans go further, including web application firewall setup and dedicated support hours that can be used to enhance or repair the website.

According to Wordfence, a leading security consulting firm and author of the Wordfence security system for WordPress, vulnerabilities in plugins are responsible for 55.9% of all attacks on WordPress. After that, the most common attack vector is brute-force password cracking. WRL protects you from these attack vectors by limiting the number of password entry attempts across the entire network. We also block malicious requests that attempt to take advantage of known plugin vulnerabilities.

If you’re interested in securing your valuable data, we’d love to protect you and your business’ website. Contact us to see how we can be your secure solution today!