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How Photos Can Benefit Your Bottom Line

Joe Namath Steaks food photography
Joe Namath Steaks

We’ve all heard the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, but we continue to say it because it’s true. Photography remains a powerful tool to help build your brand, differentiate your product from its competitors, and help increase conversions.

Based on the results from comparative A/B testing between ads, websites, and graphics using photography and ones that don’t use it, we’ve put together a simple list of factors that have been proven to help boost sales and help companies stand out.

Photography Best Practices

Use High-Quality Images: When you’re selling a product, whether it’s to B2C or B2B – people want to see what they’re getting. Customers want to see large, high-quality images including multiple angles and detailed shots.

Establish Context: In addition to being able to fully examine the product, also show it in use. Whether it’s a delicate optical system or a huge piece of industrial machinery, the customer also wants to see it perform. Remember, you’re selling something they’re interested in. By showing them the product or service in action, it allows the consumer to place themselves into the scene to be happy and productive because they’re using your products and services.

Tailor the images to target your audience as often as possible. You know who you want to sell to, so you want those people to see themselves in your offerings.

Smile for the Camera: OK, we’ll admit that no one likes to have their picture taken, but your potential customers want to see you. It’s been shown that the human face helps drive conversions. People want to see with whom they’re doing business, and seeing a person they can associate with your business goes a long way into instilling a deeper level of trust.

Avoid Stock Photos: When stock photos started to become popular, many businesses saw them as a great resource – they were quick, cheap and readily available. Today those same qualities are stock photos greatest weaknesses. That great photo you just found and are using in all your advertising has also been downloaded hundreds of times by your competitors and by companies in related businesses. People have seen those same smiling customer service representatives on dozens of websites, that great image of the green heavy-duty truck you just purchased is already up on one of your competitors’ billboards.

Rely too much on stock photos and you won’t be able to leverage any of the benefits outlined above. Ultimately, using stock photos cedes control of your brand image to someone else – someone who isn’t familiar with your business and what makes it unique.

Timken tapered roller bearing commercial industrial photograph.
Timken tapered roller bearing.
For examples that have generated positive results, check out our photo portfolio.
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