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SafeSanTec and SafeProTec Serve Community in Need

It’s hard to believe COVID-19 made its disastrous debut only a few short months ago. At the start of the pandemic, the panic set in. Paper products flew off the shelves, hospitals paused elective surgeries, schools shut down, and the nation sheltered in place. State governments and hospitals spent what seemed like an eternity waiting for supplies that only covered a fraction of what they actually needed. The lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitizing products forced some businesses to close and others to ration what little stock they had. The demand was high, and the current providers could not keep up. Michael Goren, President of Morrison Custom Welding (MCW), a local custom industrial and structural fabrication company in Wooster, Ohio, set out to help. With MCW’s current assets and ability, Goren knew they could help create and distribute hand sanitizers and face shields. Their vision was to create two companies, SafeSanTec and SafeProTec, so MCW worked with other local partners and began a plan to aid the community in need.

WRL had previously worked with Goren to establish MCW’s logo, brand identity and promotional ideas. Goren sought to start up two different companies – SafeSanTec and SafeProTec. SafeSanTec was to sell hand sanitizers and zero touch sanitizing stations, providing customers with options to buy by the bottle, pack, case, gallon, drum and tote tank. While SafeProTec was to sell face shields, offering customers options to buy individually or in packs of 2, 8 and 24. Jeff LeBeau, the Account Executive, handed the new project over to Brandon Livengood, Director of Digital Marketing and the WRL team. With the help of WRL’s video and motion graphics artist, Jeremy Fish, graphic designer and photography specialist, Rachel Watson, and senior art director, Cheryl Molnar, Livengood quickly got the SafeSanTec and SafeProTec websites up and running. WRL’s typical turnaround time for website creation is 90 days. Livengood and his team had both sites fully functioning in one to two weeks!

In the beginning stages of development, SafeSanTec and SafeProTec collaborated with Livengood to establish the overall concept for their website designs including branding, logo, pricing, shipping and distribution. A key aspect both companies wanted to incorporate was fast delivery. Thanks to Amazon and other leading logistical companies, consumer delivery expectations are extremely high. SafeSanTec and SafeProTec wanted to compete with these companies in order to exceed customer expectations. Livengood used Shopify, an easy-to-use e-commerce platform, to set the plans into action. While Livengood was busy implementing the websites, Fish, Watson and Molnar got to work on the visuals. Molnar created SafeSanTec’s brand logo as well as designed sell sheets to display the company’s products, prices and information. Watson and Fish joined forces using images, graphic design and video editing to bring the products to life. They also completed in-house photoshoots and video shoots to show product features, usage, branding and more.

After two weeks of teamwork, WRL successfully launched SafeSanTec and SafeProTec. Goren was extremely pleased with the fast turnaround time, allowing them to quickly serve the community in need.  Since launching their websites in April, SafeSanTec and SafeProTec have experienced over 15,000 and 9,000 website views, delivered over 13,000 and 4,500 supplies, and helped more than 200 and 900 customers, respectively.


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