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Social Media Advertising in Today’s Digital World


There is no question that we are living in a digital world, which means you and your company should be too. 

Some of the many services WRL offers is social media marketing and advertising. Whether your company is currently utilizing social channels or are looking to create accounts, WRL has a unique plan for your company.

Social media marketing means utilizing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and other social media channels to spread key messages for your company.  It is using these platforms to connect to your audience and build your brand. In addition to your company’s social marketing tactics of organic posts, social media advertising involves creating highly targeted social ads to further promote your company.

There are two ways to post – the first of which are through organic content. Organic posts are posts that your company or an external marketing agency like WRL creates for your business page to help boost your industry thought leadership knowledge. From there, you can steadily grow your account followers who will then be able to view your content on a regular basis. In recent years, organic reach has been declining for two reasons: the sheer abundance of content on social, and its Newsfeed algorithms to rank content based on what’s most relevant to that specific user. However, we still stress the importance of this type of content combined with social media advertising to create the perfect cross-promotional marketing strategy for the long term success of your business.

A paid post would be an agency like WRL, using your company’s social channels’ advertising tools to create an ad anyone targeted on the platform to see. And since Facebook owns Instagram, your ad would be placed not only in Facebook Newsfeeds, Stories, Marketplace, Messenger, but it would also be placed in Instagram’s Newsfeed, Stories, in your Audience Network of third-party apps and so many more. These types of ads could be to promote your company’s social page to gain more followers and engagement, increase conversions to your website, promote your company/organization’s products and services, gather more leads through in-app form requests (lead generation), or to contact you for more information. 

They will use specific messaging and creative graphics to provide awareness in your target geo-locations as well as targeting by product interests, behaviors, lifestyle and demographics based on the specific ad campaigns’ audience. We have had great results in utilizing social ads, which will display in the following placements:


  •  Feed
  • Instant Articles
  •  In-stream videos
  • Right column
  • Marketplace
  • Stories


  • Feed
  • Stories
  • Explore

Audience Network 

  • Native, banner and interstitial
  • In-stream videos
  • Rewarded videos


  • Inbox
  • Sponsored messages

Both help boost your search rankings in Google so your target audience can better find you. Ultimately, these social media tactics optimize your company’s marketing strategy and for future ROI and business success. 

“As we look into 2020 and beyond, a huge factor in optimizing your business’s marketing strategy is to not only have an engaging social media presence but to take advantage of the influential impact opportunities social media advertising has on your digital success as well as your overall business ROI,” said Olivia Huntley, WRL Communications Team Lead. “Social media is a constantly growing and evolving medium – if you don’t stay on top of it, you’re falling behind.”


If you’re interested in how social media marketing and advertising can help boost your company, check out our social media services or contact us today!

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