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Successfully Climb the Social Media Ladder

WRL’s Social Strategies, Savings & Beyond to Increase Your Reach & Revenue

By Olivia Tharp


What many existing companies may not realize is that there’s an extremely beneficial free online marketing tool that is being underutilized, if used at all. In fact, 24 percent of small businesses aren’t using social media due to the fact that they may be slow adopters, skeptics still stuck on the outdated stigma that “Likes don’t matter”, or are just too busy to dedicate time to being diligent on at least one channel.

Engage in Social Benefits

The simple truth of the matter is social media for business saves time, money and most importantly increases your company’s ROI by spreading your company’s messages instantaneously and with extraordinary effectiveness.

Many companies are quickly adopting and being more active on social networks, recognizing it as a business necessity for both B2B and B2C. Once implemented, it’s important to leverage internal support for a social business case to both leadership allocating funds as well as to employees securing new marketing budgets dedicated to social.

How Far Our Reach Goes for You

Social media experts have a variety of diverse capabilities in the digital marketing field. We offer everything from social media ideation and creation of developing monthly planners, to social management of scheduling all posts with links, tags, photos in the online tool, to monitoring comments/messages on pages for reputation management, to general project management tasks and social media marketing research on industry articles, events, benefits to audience for both organic and boosted posts for all social media channels. Knowing how to navigate the social realm is strategic and learned – we can help you find your way, turning social media influence into action.

These experts are also able to provide monthly scheduled planners with linked, tagged and photo postsmonthly/quarterly Social Reporting and Performance Analytics that include a summary of posts and impressions, landing page visitor counts, interactions with resources and links and provide recommendations for improvement. These statistical metrics and insights prove your social strategy delivers ROI to your organization showing that these efforts play a large role driving sales conversions.

If your business wants to learn more on how to optimize your social media accounts, we offer Social Media Training as a complete digital marketing solution. WRL provides this diverse educational service that advances your company’s online marketing and media success. We share with you the techniques and best practices to create and execute comprehensive strategies that effectively leverage digital channels to protect, build and enhance a company’s reputation while supporting its business objectives. Social media training provides tactics that include customized messaging and optimal posting times for clients who are interested in learning more about using different channels and managing or implementing their social accounts.

WRL Performances and Insights

I had the opportunity to speak at Florida Tile‘s National Sales Conference in Lexington, KY earlier this year. I spoke about how beneficial social media is for business and how to best utilize it through the upcoming Facebook Ad Campaign WRL planned for their company. We’re grateful to have Florida Tile, as well as many more clients as trusted social media partners.


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