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The WRL Demo Reel shares the power of 3D, video and animation to captivate your audiences

+ 3D modeling and animation + product concept visualization + film production and editing + kiosks and virtual trade shows + 3D product inspectors and processes + motion graphics + real-time interactive + TV and radio production + brand management +


At WRL, we like to let our work speak for itself. From the website redesign of Mercy Medical Center to trade show materials and product photography for The Timken Company to comprehensive PR, Communications and Social Media Campaigns for numerous clients in diverse industries, we offer so much more than you know.

Most uniquely and, arguably some of the most impressive services WRL provides is a wide variety of animation, illustration and video capabilities separating our clients from their competitors. From 3D animation and motion graphics to video and special effects, our in-house, award-winning team of technical experts use advanced techniques to explain complicated processes in an easy to understand way.

And while words tell your story – motion graphics, technical drawings and other types of illustration complement your information to show your story. Illustration engages your audience and provides a quick understanding of complex ideas or processes. WRL has completed projects that have included filming and editing video, using client supplied CAD drawings to build realistic models, and even combining all of these capabilities to deliver an integrated animation package. WRL’s expert video and motion graphics team puts our expertise to work for you.

We are continuously researching new technologies and processes to bring our clients the latest and greatest solutions. WRL is further investing in new software for many clients, and we are also bringing 3D elements into real-time video, consulting with our clients on their touch screen video software at their proprietary innovation centers, and so much more.

No other form of communication captivates your audience, conveys your message and inspires action as effectively as 3D, video and animation. Transcending the limits of traditional media, these communication tools can visually demonstrate new ideas, processes or technologies, making them simple to comprehend and are extremely memorable to and for our clients.


WRL turns technology into results for our clients. To learn more about the captivating power of 3D, video and animation, visit to see our client profile and then contact WRL today for a free consultation. 



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