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Using Title Tags to Define Your Website

It’s probably safe to say anyone with a computer has “googled” something in search of a website for information. From finding a local restaurant’s phone number to determining a definition of a word, using search engines is quick and easy and quite frankly a big reason the world has gone digital. The words being searched or “googled” will present a list of options, which often consist of websites – sometimes ads – that reference the originally searched words. That’s where title tags are important. Title tags are keywords websites use to tell Google (or Yahoo or Bing) which websites to include in the search results.

In the below snippet, the terms “title tags” were “googled”, and this website – a great informative source on the subject – is an example of one of several sites that turned up in the list of options or search engine results.


How to choose good keywords?

All businesses want their websites to turn up at the top of search engine results because it’s how customers find websites and ultimately drive conversions. In order to make sure a company website is being “found” or is “searchable”, it is necessary to choose good keywords that define the site.

Each webpage should have a topic that can be summed up in two to four words, which can be used as the keywords. These few words are essential to a web page because they show a focused topic, which ultimately generates good search results. So when creating a title tag for a website, summarize the web page into a few descriptive keywords.

Identifying keywords and developing website content that makes a website searchable is an important function of what WRL’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialists do. All SEO efforts are constantly in competition with other companies’ efforts to get higher recognition in search engine results. Thus, our marketing experts keep on top of Google Analytics to use it as a tool to efficiently measure your performance.

Title tags and keywords are the basics of SEO, and there are many more layers that get even more technical, so if it’s overwhelming, fear not, WRL can help find the optimal solution for you. For more information about keywords, title tags and SEO services, visit or call 330.493.8866.