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WRL’s web design team has been hard at work. Recently launching ten websites, WRL’s versatility and teamwork has been front and center. Working with products and services ranging from hand-pressed glass to automotive repair, the web design team at WRL helped each company develop and grow their online presence. Our previous newsletters have featured five of those ten websites; Superior Clay, Heat Stop, Clay Chimney Pots, SafeSanTec and SafeProTec. The remaining five are websites for Mosser Glass eCommerce addition, PSC, P.S. Cooks, Kempthorn Collision, and B&G Futures.

The Mosser Glass eCommerce addition was led by Senior Art Director, David Jensen, and Director of Web Development, Bobby Lipps. Mosser Glass, located in Cambridge, Ohio, specializes in hand-pressed glassware. In 2016, WRL revamped the Mosser website, creating a fresh new design to showcase their products. At that time, Mosser Glass sold through distributors but also sold directly through phone, email and in-store sales. A few months ago, Mosser contacted WRL wanting to change this. Mosser’s goals for creating their own eCommerce website were to increase revenue and have more efficient sales from the factory as its own distributor through eCommerce. Using WooCommerce, Lipps got the ball rolling. That eCommerce platform included payment, shipping and delivery options as well as detailed product formatting, giving customers the ability to sort through different lines of products, categories, families, colors, etc. Jensen assisted Lipps on the design process through project management, image editing and content management training.

Next up is PSC, a subsidiary of C.A. Litzler Holding Company that offers a wide range of radiofrequency and microwave technology for industrial systems located in Cleveland, Ohio. This website was handled by Account Executive and writer, Cindy Boyd, Senior Art Director, Laura Speakman, and Web Developer, Chris Chiera. PSC contacted WRL looking for an update to their current website. They wanted a user-friendly interface that included new product information and showcased their workers. Boyd worked with the client on creating several new pages and editing current content while Speakman worked on imaging and bringing more personality to the website. Speakman used photos highlighting PSC’s employees at work, giving the company’s process a more human feel. Sticking with the branding strategy of PSC’s parent company, Litzler, Chiera formatted the site using WordPress. He added banner images, a news center, and URL labeling to create a clean, well designed, easy to use to site.

The third website, P.S. Cooks, is a company located in Massillon, OH that liquidates merchandise from major retailers and sells it at a huge discount. Previously, P.S. Cooks did not have a website and they did all their advertising through social media. WRL’s president, Jeff LeBeau, and the team at WRL created a website that serves as a landing point for all their marketing endeavors for customers to understand the store concept, gain information on P.S. Cook’s promotions and community impact. Using WordPress, Chiera was able to build a website that had a social media feel, allowing users to seamlessly scroll through product posts feeding from the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Video and motion graphics artist, Jeremy Fish, produced short videos featured on P.S. Cook’s homepage and About page, detailing the unique store structure and value they provide to their customers.

Moving on, our next website featured is Kempthorn Collision. Kempthorn Collision Center, located in Canton, OH, is Northeast Ohio’s Premier Collision Repair Facility. Director of Motion Graphics, James Hill, and Chiera, took the lead on this site with a little help from Fish and graphic design and photography specialist, Rachel Watson. Again, using WordPress, Chiera began formatting the site. Chiera used the same layout as Kempthorn Motor to keep their branding strategy consistent. He also redirected links and created customer inquiry and contact submission forms. Hill and Fish directed and edited a short clip previewing Kempthorn’s services. Watson designed and illustrated the website’s graphics, helping organize and structure the site.

Last but not least, our final website is B&G Futures. B&G Futures specializes in transloading, trucking, globalization, sustainability and petroleum product sales to simplify their customers’ logistics operations, headquartered in Canton, OH with their terminal in Massillon, OH. WRL had previously worked with B&G for the past six years, updating and maintaining their Wix website. As B&G expanded, they began to outgrow their Wix site which was limiting their SEO and web presence. Needing a complete revamp, the team got to work. Senior Art Director, Cheryl Molnar, designed the user-friendly interface giving it a clean and organized layout. Chiera took Molnar’s design and programmed the site using WordPress. He implemented a slider highlighting company information, a call to action button, fixed backgrounds, and product and service pages. The new site showcases B&G’s expanded services, products, and accreditations.

As word of WRL’s web design and development capabilities continues to grow, more sites are underway. Our cohesive team of award-winning talent combines expertise from all departments to deliver the best solutions and help our clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Our web design team knows the importance of first and lasting impressions. Our sites immediately engage audiences with a clear message, responsive design, organization and user-friendly interfaces.

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