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Why WordPress Makes Sense for Your Business

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Your website is your primary marketing tool. It’s the public face you show the world and for many businesses, it’s the primary point of contact for customers.

Every modern website is created using some form of content management system (CMS). When picking a CMS to build your site, the most important question to answer is, do you choose a proprietary or open-source system?

Both function and features of competing systems may seem the same, but there are critical differences between open-source systems versus proprietary ones.

WordPress is now used by 59% of all sites that use content management systems – that’s over 26% of all websites.


The threat of hackers is real and ever-present and online security is a constantly evolving game. A site that was secure last week may be open to a newly discovered vulnerability this week. With the right setup and correctly implemented security features, WordPress can be made highly secure. In addition, WordPress security features are updated more frequently than those of competing proprietary systems.


One of the core features of WordPress is plugins. With plugins, you can easily add advanced features to your site to expand your Web page’s capabilities. Want to add ecommerce or multilingual support? WordPress makes these features easier to implement. There are thousands of plugins available to enhance your site overall.


With automatic code and multiple SEO plugins, WordPress puts you ahead of the curve by doing many otherwise complicated SEO tasks for you. WordPress allows you to use meta tags for each page, post and image, thus allowing for fine-tuned, precise search engine optimization.


Relationships change. Agencies are bought and dissolved; companies go out of business, management changes and want to go in a different direction. These are the realities of modern business. If you’re using a proprietary CMS, you’re “married” to the provider in no uncertain terms. If they stop operating or if you want to pursue a relationship with another agency or vendor, you’ll be saddled with the cost of recreating your entire site with another system.

WordPress offers a tremendous amount of power, security and flexibility. That’s why we use it for our sites, to give our clients the best online presence, functionality and features possible. WRL has a dedicated web team with specialists in security, SEO, and front end development.

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